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Your Church Home

Church affiliation and participation in worship is so important to the maintenance of the family unit. Parents are faced with the continuing break-down of principles and values basic to the building of character. Every parent carries heavy responsibilities in this area. Therefore, if you do not have a Church home, we invite you to make The Salvation Army your Church. Our program is planned to include all members of the family. You will find every service and ceremony relating to significant events in family development offered and observed with dignity and reverence. Some of these services are:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Baby Dedications

At The Salvation Army your family joys and sorrows will be shared with friends who really care.

We are as close as your telephone!

Our Family: A group of Christians from all walks of life … teachers, secretaries, bankers, electricians, laborers, homemakers. People committed to the hope for a better community, a better world, and a better way of life.

Your Family: deserves an opportunity to have a place where they can belong, to participate in activities that will add new dimensions to your every day living.

We really care: about what is happening around us and invite you to share in the knowledge of what Jesus Christ can do for you, making your life more meaningful and rewarding.

It’s up to you: Take a look at the activities on this site There is something for every member of your family and something just for you.

You’re welcome: without feeling any pressure, to visit us and see just what we’re all about. Why not join us for worship this Sunday and become part of our family.